Selling your home is as simple as making it smell nice and putting a sign in the front yard, right? We see the “for sale by owner” signs all the time – what more could a home seller need? The truth is, there’s a lot more that can make the sale of your home as successful as possible. And it all starts with a licensed real estate agent.


While a sign in your front yard is essential, it’s just the first step in marketing your home. A real estate agent will enroll your home in a Multiple Listing Service, or MLS. An MLS is a database of homes for sale and can be queried based on a number of factors. House size, location, and price are all common searchable elements. The information is available to other agents, ensuring your home is put directly in front of the people who are looking for it.

Market Expertise

Listing your home with a real estate agent is important, but making sure you’re listing with an area expert is also key. Sure, your brother’s best friend’s uncle’s next door neighbor is a real estate agent, but if they aren’t specialized in the area your home is in, it could significantly slow down or ruin the sale process. Why? Because knowing which streets are desirable and why is often known best by those that live and sell in the area. What better way to know about a specific street than from someone who lives on it? Same goes for real estate agents, having one that lives in / specializes in your area means they will know how to market your home the best way possible.


That “for sale by owner” sign is only going to get you so far because the only people who are going to see it are those passing by. Having an agent list your home means your home is now in front of all of their contacts too. While agents compete to list a property, they also work together to market the homes they have listed. Because not everyone is just selling their house, they’re most often looking for a new home too.


While the sale process may seem simple, often there are things that pop up that the average person may not understand. A homeowner turned seller may not disclosed the correct information and while unintentional, could land them in legal trouble.

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